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Are you looking for CBD products for yourself, a loved one or your fur babies? Look no further we've got the largest CBD product selection on the Treasure Coast. For animals we carry CBD tinctures which can be added to their food along with some very tasty treats! For well the variety does not end. We carry over 5 flavors of CBD tinctures, CBD shatter, CBD bath bombs, CBD vapes,  CBD Gummies, CBD dried fruit and much more!


Looking for premium CBD Flower? You won’t find it anywhere else other than Vapor Escape! We’re excited to be working with Jupiter Knights Hemp Co! We just got in Sulver Haze, Hawaiian Haze & Skittle Kush! YOU HAVE TO come see and smell the quality of this flower! 




Delta 8 Nano Drops

Urb Finest Flowers nano drops is the first product to introduce Delta 8 THC in a powerful tincture and beverage additive. Water soluble means it carries the highest absorption rate for the best effectiveness. Use as a tincture with a drop under the tongue or in a favorite beverage or water. Delta 8 is a powerful cannabinoid derived from the cannabis sativa L (hemp) plant and brings an uplifting feeling of relaxation, body sensations and clear-headedness. 


Delta 8 Cartridges

Vape Delta 8 with these Urb Finest Flowers Cartirdges.

Urb Delta 8 THC Cartridges are made with premium Delta 8 THC Distillate and the highest quality terpene profiles. Zero additives or fillers. 

No PG, VG, or Vitamin E Acetate.



Delta 8 Gummies

Bring some sweet fruit flavor to your daily wellness regimen with URTH Treetop Watermelon Gummies! Each of these powerful cannabidiol treats contains 30mg of Delta-8 THC, a cannabinoid with highly potent effects for relaxing the mind, improving sleep, and enhancing mental focus.


You asked for it and we got it for YOU! Do you have questions about Kratom?

Feel free to stop by and talk to our knowledgeable staff! We would love to help you! We offer have powder, capsule and liquid forms of Kratom. 

Bali Green Vein:

This strain is known for its mood-boosting properties.

The leaf is finely ground to the consistency of powder.

Bali Red Vein:

This strain is said to possess a euphoric and pain relieving property.

The leaf is finely ground to the consistency of powder.

Bali White Vein:

This stain is known for its energetic properties.

The leaf is finely ground to the consistency of powder.

Maeng Da Gold:

This is the strongest kratom strain available. According to

shamanic accounts, the properties os this strain is very

euphoric and energizing.

Silver White Maeng Da Capsules:

These are known for uplifting and euphoric properties.

Gold Red Maeng Da Capsules:

Hand crafted to give you a relaxing time. These Kratom

Capsules are Red Maeng Da that is known for

pain relief and relaxation.

Gold Extract Maeng Da 12ml:

This is crafted, potent 12 ml Kratom tincture. This means

the active full spectrum alkaloids in the Kratom plant are concentrated,

thus much more potent and effective! Great for those

seeking pain relief! The recommended dosage varies based upon tolerance.

Gold Extract Maeng Da Chewable Tablets:

These chewable, potent tablet contain 100mg total alkaloids per tablet

and 600mg per jar. These tablets are great for pain relief.

They are extremely potent and recommend for the user with a higher tolerance.

Daily dose varies upon the user.

MIT 45
Kratom Shot Port St Lucie, Florida
Kratom Powder
Kratom Port St Lucie, Florida
Kratom Port St. Lucie, Florida
Kratom Port St Lucie, Florida
Kratom Capsule
Kratom Capsule Port St Lucie, Florida Kratom Capsule Port St Lucie, Florida
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