You asked for it and we got it for YOU! You have been begging us, for two years, to get in smoking accessories! Well we did it! Here are some of our favorites.  Our selection changes every week so stop by for our current collections.

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We currently are carrying some of the most well known Glass companies including:

AFM which stands for Alien Flower Monkey! Based in California and they are know for their signature upside down beaker bong! All glass are made in CA with the finest borosilicate glass. AFM also makes great dab rigs and dab accessories too!

Smokey Eyes is known for their original designs! Keep an eye out they love to add trinkets into thier designs!

Grav has been a pioneer in the glass industry since 2004. Their beautiful yet simplistic designs are a testament of "less is more". 

GlassLab 303 Is a Local Colorado glass company. Each glass piece is handmade with the highest quality Pyrex glass to insure a stable and functioning Water Pipe. With such high standards and care its no wonder why GlassLab 303 Is a high class glass you will enjoy for years to come.